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If you like DIKO Free and use it a lot, please consider registering DIKO Gold. Registration costs Us$ 19.95 or R$ 40 (for brazilian users), and helps supporting development. If you have not tried DIKO Free, I strongly suggest you try it first. You can buy DIKO GOLD using PayPal, e-gold or a Bank Deposit (Brazilian users only)

You can use use the buttom bellow to register using PayPal:

If your country is not accpted by PayPal or if you prefer, you can also use e-gold. You can register a free e-gold account here:
After registering, you'll have to fund your account before you can transfer the money to me.E-gold is a virtual currency, so it just stores money as GOLD, it doesn't receive money from credit cards like PayPal does. Here you can find some merchants to fund your account:

After you have funded your account with at least USD 19.95, you can use the button below to transfer the money to me and register DIKO GOLD:

Make sure your email address is correct and don't change the MEMO value in the next screeen. It will be used to contact you.
Email address:

Bank Deposit

If you are from Brazil, you can pay throught a bank deposit. Please mail dikogold at yahoo.com.br for more information.