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Welcome to VMesquita website. Here you'll find some nice tools and guides for video processing!

Make sure you check my tool DIKO which completelly automates the DivX / DVD to DVD / SVCD conversion process.

And my free libavcodec-based video encoder FreeEnc!


18-05-2005 -FreeEnc 0.44 released! The changes:
- Fixed -1 switch and added -3,-4 and -5 for more passes.
- Fixed MinBitrate bug (it should fix "Could not open avcodec MPEG2" in some cases...)
- 1 Pass working again

30-04-2005 -FreeEnc 0.43 released! The changes:
- Fixed minbitrate incompatibility with DIKO
- Fixed icon not being shown in Window
- Added a comprehensive HELP with template explanation
- Added a Peter Cheat template with NuEnc default settings.

24-04-2005 -FreeEnc 0.42 released! The changes:
- All buttons and images now bundled in the executable. It should no longer create trouble with DIKO and other apps
- FreeEnc now checks for minbitrate before starting conversion
- wrong CQ selection removed

23-04-2005 -FreeEnc 0.41 released! The changes:
- Fixed image bug. Thanks latsilva for pointing it.

23-02-2005 -FreeEnc 0.4 released! The changes:
- Now using the improved Rate Control by Peter Cheat.
- New modes: CBR, and multipass VBR (also by Peter Cheat)
- New amazing Look by [email protected]

23-02-2005 - DIKO 0.78 Beta 3 / Gold 1.48 Beta 3 released! The changes:
- Fixed welcome message
- Fixed VirtualDub Extraction

- Fixed subtitles really working again (GOLD)

Get it now on the download page!

06-02-2005 - DIKO 0.78 Beta 2 / Gold 1.48 Beta 2 released! The changes:
- Batch folder is now created automatically if it doesn't exist
- KVCD replaced with BVCD in menu
- Prediction fixed for BVCD GOP 12
- Fixed subtitles working again (GOLD)

29-01-2005 - DIKO 0.78 Beta 1 / Gold 1.48 Beta 1released! The changes:
- Optionally use VirtualDubMod instead of AVI2WAV for extration
- Integrate with maui71's DIKO MenuImage Creator
- Fixed bug: authoring menu not being recorded in INI
- Pulldown failure no longer halts conversion process
- Online backup can help.
- Added 64 e 96 kbps as audio bitrate options
- Check out this conference. We'll be there!
- Error Messages in English in the logfile
- XVid updated to 1.0.3
- AVISynth updated to 2.5.5
- FreeEnc updated to 0.3.1
- Notch Matrix replaced with BVCD matrix
- Fixed crash on SoundStretch phase
- New Scripts for AVI: SpaceLord (for non-MMX machines) and DivXHighQuality (less compressibility but much more quality)
- New amazing icon by [email protected]

28-11-2004 - FreeEnc 0.31 released! The changes:
- Bitrate Graph now scrools while file is encoded
- New dummy options -qlb -noqlb to allow use with QuEnc/NuEnc compatible apps
- Fixed(?) the random "Could not open libavcodec MPEG2." message
- New amazing Icon by [email protected]
- top_field_first added to INI settings

17-10-2004 - D.I.K.0. 0.77 has been released! The Changes:
- Translations updated: Sweden (Emphatic), Hebrew (vipersvcd), Dutch (Tinus), Finish (Critter), Danish (Lars), Polish (PorkOne), Spanish (Kwag)
- Two new translations: Czech (by Hema Zin) and Valencian (by ForaENC). DIKO is now available in 15 languages!
- The first stable DIKO release! Now I can get back to new features (and new bugs lol)

22-09-2004 - D.I.K.0. 0.76 Beta 3 has been released! The Changes:
- Fixed subtitle pop up bug
- Fixed SRT loading broken in D2V mode (GOLD)
Get it now on the download page!

12-09-2004 - D.I.K.O. 0.76 Beta 2 has been released! The changes:
- More fixes in Subtitle Routines
- Fixed Bug: VCD Header trick now working, and images being created correctly. Thanks Prodater64 for the tests.
- Fixed Bug: SVCD Authoring now working with 2 CDs
- German and Portuguese Translations updated
- Now using SoundTouch with 5.1 audio following Prodater64 idea.

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